Share in your company’s success

Building a company is a team effort — now equity and profits can be a team reward. With Upstock, when your company succeeds, you succeed.

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What is dynamic equity?

Inspiration for your work, reward for you

Performance equity is investing a self-determined portion of your compensation into the company, making the company your own. This investment gives you access to a pool of company shares which are allocated based on how many hours you log, so the harder you work, the more equity you earn. You can track your shares and help them grow on Upstock’s user-friendly platform. Investing cash in startups used to be available to high net worth individuals, only. In the US, this is due to an SEC Rule 501 D. Upstock’s system allows you to “invest with your sweat.”

How does Upstock work?

Calculating equity

In addition to managing and storing the legal documentation, Upstock’s dashboard provides simple visuals to display your “sweat investment” in the equity pool. Upstock allows you to track your performance equity so that when your company succeeds financially, you can too.


  • Equity compensation based on how much you work
  • Total transparency of equity and cash rates keeps your company accountable to you
  • Watch your shares grow in real time as work is recorded


  • Invest your sweat equity in the company, no matter your role or position
  • Distributions are paid out at landmark events
  • Real-time value for all stakeholders



An Easy To Use System

Upstock’s online platform is simple to navigate and designed to keep you up to date with all team equity and shares


Inspiring performance

Upstock levels the playing field with a fair system that rewards every hour worked, creating stronger, motivated teams


Equity you can see

Log on to your personal dashboard and watch your investment grow with analytics and graphical explanations.

Any more questions?

At this time, Upstock is available to companies who employ founders, employees, contractors and advisors. Each company must comply with the laws of the country they are incorporated in, and in order to streamline the process, Upstock requires all team members to be hired on a contract basis.

Cash and equity rates are negotiated between team members and founders based on what both team member and company can afford. It is common for cash and equity rates to fluctuate amongst team members as certain contributors may be compensated entirely with equity while others negotiate a higher cash rate. As always, team members who are compensated with a higher percentage of equity are rewarded more favorably when the company sells.

All equity remains protected, per whatever terms you agreed with your team. A team member’s equity will remain in the Dynamic Equity pool and will be cashed out at the predetermined landmark event, the same as any current team member. Alternatively, team members are allowed to cash out early if the company founder agrees,but that’s up to the discretion of the founder and whatever your terms dictate. In short, a team member’s investment is protected by Upstock and Upstock ensures that they are rewarded when equity shares are cashed out, regardless of their status within the company at the time.

No, team members do not pay any fees to Upstock.

Equity is distributed in cash when the company hits a predetermined landmark event. This event may be the sale of the company of acquiring a certain amount of clients or even just on a quarterly basis(merger, acquisition, change of control, IPO, etc). Ask your founder what landmark events they have in mind to learn more before signing up.