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Traditionally, when a company decides to share equity with workers, it does it by creating a collection of shares/units/stock called a pool of equity. Most companies shave off a specific number of shares in the pool and reserve them for particular team members. In the past this has meant companies not being as generous as they want to be and holding equity back for fear of needing it later on/further down the line. This has created a scarcity mindset in negotiations because founders are afraid of running out.

Companies offering performance equity pools reserve a portion of shares in a pool but does not distribute them. Instead the shares are later distributed on a landmark event much more fairly based on a team member’s performance over the course of time. Performance equity pools have the advantage of being used before and after incorporation.


RSUs in a Nutshell


Restricted stock units (RSUs) are a way a team members can be offered equity to reward performance


RSUs are nearly always worth something, even if the stock price drops


The equity pool member does not receive the underlying shares, dividends or voting rights until the RSUs vest


The equity pool member receives a payout on a landmark event such as an IPO or an acquisition


Taxes are payable on the landmark event after a payout


Mastly’s RSUs mean that even after finishing their role the RSUs will vest with the equity pool

Fly with the Times

Top Fortune 1000 companies use RSUs to attract and retain their talent Mastly gives access to the systems that top companies have to everyone Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, AirBnB, Dropbox and many others


Mordern Equity for a Mordern Society

Traditional Stock

  • Complex, confusing and distrusted
  • Need professionals to explain and set them up
  • Equity can vaporize when your role ends, causing disillusionment
  • Requires a separate system, usually not easily connected to equity
  • The documents are static and progress is not easily monitored
  • Taxes are charged before the landmark event and require a professional to receive long term capital gains
  • Stock options can go “underwater” if the value of the equity goes down from the strike price

Mastly RSU’s

  • Simple, one-size-fits-most framework, balanced, trusted
  • No professionals required
  • Equity does not have to vaporize when your role ends
  • Easy to log hours or tasks
  • Visually easy to follow equity distribution and growth
  • Taxes are charged after the landmark event and are straightforward
  • Mastly RSU’s are always worth something

Pre-drafted Concise Legal Agreements

Agreement between founders before they have incorporated the company

Agreement between the company and the founders

Employment contract between the company and employee

Agreement between the company and Mastly regarding the equity plan

Agreement between the company and advisors

Contract for services between the company and independent contractor

Agreement between founders before they have incorporated the company

Agreement between the company and Mastly regarding the equity plan

Agreement between the company and the founders

Agreement between the company and advisors

Employment contract between the company and employee

Contract for services between the company and independent contractor

All team member legal agreements have non-compete and confidentiality clauses and protection for IP.
Other documents can be provided on request.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Mastly legal documents are automatically updated

maintain the best equitable methods for all stakeholders

keep our legal documents current with the law

align with Mastly’s technology

modify legal documents according to the country

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Global Opportunities

We cover the United States and we are expanding globally with new clients and interest across the world.

The Landmark Event is a Team Goal

No Payout No Tax

Most other stock options require tax paid even if the option is not exercised

Complexity is reduced so it’s easy to administer and deal with

From a tax perspective there is nothing to do unless you receive a payout

RSUs vest in team members once the landmark event is triggered

Deferred compensation makes sure you don’t get taxed unless there is payout

Dive into the Details

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Pre-drafted Concise Legal Agreements

Yes, for Founders and Advisors, please contact Mastly for further information.

Any! C Corp, S Corp, LLC, LLP and Sole Proprietorship.

Anyone! We have created the dashboard and legal documents on a “one-size-fits-most” ethos so it can be used by a startup or a big corporation.

No but RSUs are always worth something and don’t go “under water” like options can. They are also a lot simpler for owners to manage from a legal and tax perspective.

You will not receive as much cash immediately as you will effectively be banking some of your salary. You could potentially receive far more than you would have in cash through a landmark event.

Your company has offered you the opportunity to be part of an equity pool because they believe in you and would like you to be committed long term. Having said that people do come and go from companies and your efforts should still be rewarded. Mastly RSUs will still vest on a landmark event if you leave the company (unless you left due to a grievous reason).

RSUs are an industry standard and have been around for some time. Fortune 1000’s have been using performance allocation in conjunction with phantom equity for decades.

With access dashboards that show the value behind Mastly legal agreements, participants receive peace of mind as they see their equity grow in real-time and are motivated to powerfully pull for their company’s growth. Please see the Legal Page for reasons why Mastly RSUs are better than traditional options.