Build trust and motivate your team by instantly distributing equity, simply and easily.

When your team members invest a portion of their compensation, your company’s success becomes personal. By aligning their goals with yours, the team works harder and smarter, while you reduce your payroll expenses. Finally, a fair and transparent system to defer compensation by providing equity.

Companies Using Upstock


hours worked


saved on payroll



Save valuable time and money



Company savings, team inspiration

Reduce the need for outside investment by creating an equity pool for your team members’ compensation. Your team works together investing into the company and earning their equity shares based on hours worked. Each victory becomes a team success and each team member reaps a well-deserved reward.




A secure platform for incentivizing your team to work smarter

Upstock is a patent pending online technology for integrating legal-tech and equity. Provide everyone a stake in your company to better your team’s success through performance.


  • Prevent costly legal mistakes with our one-size-fits-most framework
  • Automatically updated best-practices in each regulatory environment
  • Avoid taxation problems currently produced by stock options and RSU plans




  • Simple dashboard visuals and graphs show how equity will be distributed in real time
  • Set up new members to your team and integrate them, instantly
  • Decide how your team tracks performance by task or time



Process Legal Documents Online

Upstock’s legal experts break down documentation into simplified language which can be sent, signed, and filed online.


Instant Company Set Up

Onboarding is straightforward as Upstock provides the structure for your legal and equity needs. Transition your team quickly and hassle-free, allowing you to direct resources towards your product and marketing goals.


Create Ownership Mindset

Your vision as a founder is streamlined throughout the team. Team Members begin prioritizing company success as their own success.


We charge per seat:  contractors are $10 per month and employees are $20 per month

Advisers, and founders are free

Upstock is supported by industry-leading lawyers with decades of experience in equity and employment law. As necessary companies signing onto Upstock have the power to make changes to the documents to suit individual company needs.

Team members can immediately see their percentage of the equity pool fluctuate in real time, but there is a grace period consisting of 160 hours maximum before they are added as permanent members. This grace period allows for team members to work a maximum of 160 hours before the company decision maker agrees to let them participate in the equity pool. Should the company decision maker decide not to include them in the equity pool, the team member will be removed and not granted equity. Please note that team members are only able to access Mastly arbitration and equity protection once they are ‘locked in’ as permanent pool members by their founder.

Upstock allows companies to apply a portion of their team members’ wages as an “investment” into the company. This re-investment of funds on behalf of the team members reduces the need for external investment. Upstock takes care of all the legal documents and technology meaning that companies save on payroll, legal fees, and spending to organize finances.

Fortune 1000’s use dynamic equity plans to award equity bonuses but these plans can cost millions of dollars to set up, thereby making them inaccessible to most companies.  Static stock options are usually the only type of equity that most companies can afford, but even that costs tens of thousands of dollars, take time to set up and are complicated to administer.  We are using a one-size-fits-most framework that brings both of these systems to any company, even one that is not incorporated yet.  Technically speaking, we’ve married the legal framework RSU’s with an easy-to-use dynamic front-end dashboard.  As key feature of this system, Upstock can automatically and unilaterally upgrade everyone’s (team members and companies) documents as and when new laws or regulations are amended, created or discovered.

Cash and equity rates are negotiated between team members and founders based on what both team member and company can afford. It is common for cash and equity rates to fluctuate amongst team members as certain contributors may be compensated entirely with equity while others negotiate a higher cash rate. As always, team members who are compensated with a higher percentage of equity are rewarded more favorably during a landmark event. For more information see below “when do I receive my or shares?”