Mastly’s Story

Innovative journey of changing the equity system.

The seed was planted when Casey Fenton launched Couchsurfing with a team of volunteers who worked tirelessly. Unfortunately, he was unable to reward them with equity.

Founded in 2015, Mastly creates tools and shares knowledge that align founders, investors, and team members. We are modernizing the antiquated stock option system by offering a replacement that is simple, fair and inspiring to everyone.

In 2008, Casey and Joseph ‘Yos’ Goodman began looking for an alternative, a new ecosystem that would allow everyday team members to start earning equity instantly without an undue cash burden. Gabriel Fenton brought the team together to lift an accessible platform for dynamic equity off the ground.

Mastly is the product of victories and trials as they attempted to break out of the Silicon Valley’s limited stock option system. Following a three-year test by Wonder, dynamic equity proved successful at combining corporate financial goals with the sharing economy.

For more information, see our whitepaper.

We are Mastly

Casey Fenton


Casey is our leader and daily dose of inspiration. He streamlines a collaborative culture across our platform. Prior to Mastly, Casey founded Couchsurfing and Wonder.

Gabriel Fenton


Gabriel is a visionary, molding the future of Mastly and creating the connections to make it happen. A Wonder co-founder and previous user experience designer, Gabriel knows how successful startups operate.

Joseph Goodman


Yos is the brains behind this operation. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor who balances our big dreams with careful due diligence. He has made direct investments across a range of industries around the US since 2005 including SaaS, Internet radio, social media, and commercial real estate.

Pawlo Riveros


Pawlo is a talented developer and seeks a merge between technology and community improvement. A previous software developer for Sovolve, Pawlo brings an enthusiasm for web development.

Maxim Kahlert


A natural creator, Maxim takes a company’s intention and transforms it visually. Other projects include co-founding a job matching company. He joins the startup world to use design for community progress.

Andrew Farley


With a reputation from multiple million-dollar companies, Farley keeps Mastly competitive with proven, well-known industry standards. He joins the team after a long working relationship with CouchSurfing.

Dylan Frazao


Dylan is a dynamic creative who brings versatility and breadth of skills including digital visual solutions to the table. A graphic designer by trade, Dylan sees visual communication with a high degree of clarity.

Parimal Kumar


Parimal is our fixer, he sees intercepts problems and keeps our ship running smoothly. After nearly a decade of experience as a Senior QA Engineer, he founded his own testing company. Simply put, his experience software testing makes systems work.

Huafu Gandon


A co-founder at Sovolve and Couchsurfing programmer, Huafu joins us as a Silicon Valley veteran. A true jack of all trades, Huafu merges his experience in accounting, insurance and travel to his work in the startup community.

Janielle Denier


As the CEO of RainFactory Inc, Janielle bridges the gap between people and products through strategic customer acquisition. She is able to communicate complex information to multiple target audiences.

Daniel Hoffer


After launching his first company in high school, Daniel’s entrepreneurial career as grown throughout the Silicon Valley. As the former CEO of CouchSurfing and well known business strategist, the Hoffer name has been recognized by Inc. Magazine and the Boston Globe. Most recently Dan became a VC with Tandem Capital.