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Give your team a slice of the pie

A system that lets you split equity with your team, tracks their progress and takes care of legal to boot.


Why Use Mastly?

  • Focus on developing your product, not your equity structure
  • Save thousands on legal fees
  • Legal documents for the company and team members
  • Create a ‘work hard, succeed big’ mentality
  • Performance-based dynamic equity in real-time

What is MASTLY

Performance-based equity tool that helps startups reach goals

Mastly analyzes team members’ performance, showing their earnings on a user-friendly dashboard.

Team members can defer a portion of their wages and earn equity within a dynamic equity pool. When team members have a stake in the company they are like investors. Mastly reduces payroll costs and decreases the need for more investment.

Dynamic Equity Example

name hours equity total equity pool
Ben(PR) 50 $20 $1000 33%
Anna(Dev) 50 $40 $2000 67%
Total $3000 100%

How It Works

1) Determine how much equity(in stock units or percent) you want to offer your team.

2) Bring your team members on board.

3) Team members record their time or tasks.

4) View and track the equity pool. (Make it legally binding when you’re ready)

Companies Using Mastly

Save valuable time and money

Current Stock Options
The Mastly Way

Beta Pricing

30 Day Free Trial
During Beta, we are offering two plans. Sign up now to lock in this special pricing and get the first 30 days free.

Premium: $99 a month
Covers contractors, employees, advisors and includes dynamic equity pools.

Basic: $29 a month
Covers contractors, advisors and includes dynamic equity pools.


“I want to incentivize my team with more equity”

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I’m a team member

“I want to own a part of the company and see my shares grow”

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