What is MASTLY

Performance-based equity tool that helps startups reach goals

Mastly analyzes team members’ performance, showing their earnings on a user-friendly dashboard.

Team members can defer a portion of their wages and earn equity within a dynamic equity pool. When team members have a stake in the company they think like investors. Mastly reduces payroll costs and decreases the need for more investment.


Why Use Mastly?


  • Focus on developing your product, not your equity structure
  • Save thousands on legal fees
  • Legal documents for the company and team members
  • Create a ‘work hard, succeed big’ mentality

Team Members

  • Performance-based get what you give
  • Meaningful equity measured in real-time
  • Equity taxed on cashout only

Performance Equity Pool Examples

Measure by Time

hours equity total Pool Split
Ben(PR) 50 $20 $1000 33%
Anna(Dev) 50 $40 $2000 67%
$3000 100%

Measure by Task

Blog Post Complete Sale Total Pool Split
Jane 40 20 60 33%
Dan 20 70 90 67%
150 100%

How It Works

Early startups are created on trust, handshake agreements, and ideas sketched on a napkin. Some startups can afford static equity plans(10-50K), Fortune 1000 companies can use Dynamic Equity(100K-1M). We bring dynamic equity to everyone.

1) Determine how much equity(in stock units or percent) you want to offer your team.


2) Bring your team members on board.


3) Team members record their time or tasks.


4) View and track the equity pool. (Make it legally binding when you’re ready)


Companies Using Mastly


hours worked


saved on payroll



Legal Simplified

You can focus on your product while Mastly makes it easy to signing legal documents all within the dashboard

We’ve crafted legal documents that cover founders, employees, contractors and advisors

Mastly automatically updates your legal documents to stay aligned with changing laws and to better motivate your team

Early Access Pricing

30 Day Free Trial
During Beta, we are offering two plans. Sign up now to lock in this special pricing and get the first 30 days free.

Premium: $99 a month
Covers contractors, employees, advisors and includes dynamic equity pools.

Basic: $29 a month
Covers contractors, advisors and includes dynamic equity pools.


“I want to incentivize my team with more equity”

I’m a team member

“I want to own a part of the company and see my shares grow”