Motivate team members with a stake in your company

Split Equity with your Team

without the hassle of a lawyer


Performance-based equity: Simply inspiring

The Fortune 1000’s successful incentive model made broadly accessible

  • Leverage equity to save investment capital for product development and reduce payroll
  • Instantly calculate and split equity at any time, even during pre-incorporation
  • Generate incentives for founders, employees, contractors and advisors
  • Give team members an ownership mindset with real-time equity tracking

Easy as pie charts


With Mastly I was able to save millions on payroll while easily bringing on team members to participate in equity. Every onboarding was so quick and easy that I didn’t need to involve a lawyer. I had tried to do a performance equity split based on other methods, but I couldn’t get the right legal agreements. Mastly took care of all the details.

Justin Gordon, Founder of Friends & Guests

Companies using Mastly


saved on payroll


sent in payroll


average savings

Simple, user-friendly equity split

Performance equity pool
measured by time

Ben 50 $20 $1000
Anna 50 $40 $2000

Performance equity pool
measured by task

Blog Post Sale TOTAL
Dan 40 20 60
Jane 20 70 90

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How does Mastly work for you?